South Africa, 2017

South Africa, 2017

Focusing on issues surrounding the 2nd Amendment and the gun rights movement, as well as adventures in shooting, hunting, and martial arts.

Some of you may know me from my writing on Kenn Blanchard’s BlackManWithAGun.com, where I have been commenting on gun rights issues since 2013. I’ll continue to focus on the topic here, and cross-post those articles at Kenn’s website. I am nothing if not loyal, and owe Kenn a great deal for giving me the opportunity to stretch my writing wings and for giving me a voice in the fight to preserve our rights.

But I wanted a forum to talk about some of the other things that fill my life, such as shooting competitively, hunting, and training in the martial art of aikido. I also operate a training company known as Aegis Solutions LLC, which has so far been represented on the web solely on Facebook…which is not the friendliest platform for gun folks.

So considering the fact that I wanted to branch out a bit, and reduce my dependence on gun-unfriendly social media, it seemed like a good time to bring back the blog and stand up my own website to write about the things which are important to me, and to serve as a web presence for Aegis Solutions.